Chocolate Truffles 8oz. (Bulk)

Chocolate Truffles 8oz. (Bulk)

Chocolate Truffles 8oz. (Bulk)

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Pure chocolate and heavy cream are the basic ingredients in our smooth truffle centers. To this ganache we add pureed fruits and nutmeats, fine liqueurs and natural flavors. The centers are then hand-dipped in yet more pure chocolate. Truffles make a great gift or an exquisitely romantic bedtime snack. When ordering, please indicate an individual flavor (described below) or "Assorted." Our flavors include:

Amaretto - Italy's aromatic liqueur consorts with freshly roasted almonds.

Cheesecake - Dark chocolate, cream cheese, a hint of brandy. Topped with chopped almonds.

Cherry - Dark chocolate, chopped maraschino cherries, almond extract and brandy.

Classic - The taste of roasted Oregon hazelnuts with brandy.

Coffee - Coffee, brandy and dark chocolate.

Cranberry - Real cranberry and Oregon hazelnuts mingle with a hint of brandy.

Mint - Contrasts cool Oregon mint with warm brandy.

Napoleon - A regal blend of brandy and California raisins.

Orange - Sunny natural orange and orange liqueur.

Praline - A melange of roasted pecans, fresh cream and brandy.

Raspberry - An elegantly tasteful blend of natural raspberry and brandy.

Rum - A tropical splash of rum with coconut.

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