What Our Customers Have Been Saying...

Although we've been selling candy in our stores for over 50 years, our online store has only been open since 2003. Below are some of the many comments we've received via the Internet over the years.(For more current customer comments please see us on Facebook, Yelp and/or Google.)

About 12 years ago my friend and I did a bike tour of the coast. We stumbled on Cranberry Sweets and spent much time sampling your wonderful candies (over and over again, I'm afraid). I've never forgotten the name of the shop nor how delicious the candies were. I am buying the samplers for my friend--she'll be quite surprised!

Rachael Ray, host
$40 a Day Episode - Coos Bay - The Food Network 2004-05 Season

The pumpkin pie sweets were delicious! The white chocolate covering was yummy and elegant and the filling tasted just like pumpkin. I would definitely serve them to any company I had. The real hit was the wine candies. I loved the subtle yet complex flavors. These candies I would serve to my company too, but alas I think if I ordered them I would eat them up before company ever saw them! They were possibly the best non-chocolate deserts (my absolute favorite deserts) I have had in years! Thank you for making something that obviously was made with care, not money, in mind.

S. O.
Salt Lake City, UT

This is the best candy I have ever had. Loved your store. Too bad we don't have one in So. Ca.

A. S.

We LOVE your company and your candy. Thanks for providing such a dependably, consistently marvelous product.

Desert Hot Springs, CA

We recently visited your shop for the first time when we were in Bandon with Cycle Oregon and LOVE your pate de fruits! Thanks for all the yummy samples.

Boulder City, NV

Just wanted to take the time to let you know that your little cellophane wrapped mint chocolate sea stars and sand dollars that you shipped to us last week were a big success at our daughter's bridal shower on Sunday. You were kind enough to tie each little bag with the coordinating colors of her wedding (brown and olive green). They looked great. As promised, the box of candy came wrapped and protected with a bag of cooling material so they wouldn't melt on their way down from your store to Huntington Beach, CA. I was able to save only 2 packages so that my husband and I could have a treat following the party! The rest of the order was enjoyed by our guests. Oh well, might just have to order more in the future.:) I'm so glad my husband and I stopped in your store in Coos Bay while camping in the area and got to sample your delicious candies and treats.

J. F.
Orchard Park, NY

I placed my order online, and it arrived two days later. I was SO happy. I have been enjoying cranberry sweets since about 1972... my mom used to take me to Bandon to go to the.. Cranberry Sweet Shoppe, The Holy Grail of treats...you guys are still there, and for that I am so thankful! Every time I bite into a Cranberry Sweet, all the memories of those precious moments spent with my mother come rushing back to me. I can practically smell the salt air! I dont get to visit Bandon very often, but when I do, The Cranberry Sweet Shoppe is the first place I go! Thank you, again, for being there, and for making such a wonderful product! I hope you continue to have sucess with your business, so I can continue to enjoy your product! Thank you, again!

Huntington Beach, CA

I recently received a gift box from Cranberry Sweets & More and was absolutely delighted with everything! But, I especially enjoyed the Powderz Raspberry Tea Cookies, because it was like opening a time capsule and being in the kitchen with my Mom once again. Of any tea cookies I've tried in the years since my childhood, none have come close to Mom's.....that is, until now.... I just wanted to thank everyone responsible for creating the best tea cookies available today! It truly is more than a cookie; it is an abundance of memories in every bite! Please continue whatever it is you are doing and don't change a thing.

C. S.
Central Point, OR

I do not know if they liked the candy as much as I do but that was the chance I took sending something just a little different. That is what Cranberry Sweets is different, unique. My sister and mother loved the beauty bar. My brother and mother loved the brittle. They are both diabetic and I sent sugar free product. A+ Will purchase from them again.

G. O.
New Hartford, CT

Cranberry Sweets and More is a store based out of Coos Bay, Oregon that makes delicious jelly candies (I enjoy the Raspberry and Oregon Marionberry the most) and yummy chocolates with fruit filling. The online store gives you the opportunity to purchase these items without going to the Oregon coast. Im sure anyone will enjoy them as much as my family does!

M. B.
Citrus Heights, CA

When my mom received the package, they had also included a very generous sample package of their other candy items. My mom was impressed and it really enhanced the gift.

J. R.
Woodland Hills, CA

This is one of the best companies to do business with. I have ordered from them 4-5 times in the past. The order is ALWAYS on time and arrives in perfect condition. The personalized card for gift giving is great. All of their products are top quality and beautifully presented. THE BEST.

E. H.
Escondido, CA

My order came in excellent time and was wrapped beautifully! Ive ordered from Cranberry Sweets before and have always had good service. They always include a sample of one of their candies which is a nice treat and great customer service!

E. M.
Portland, OR

Excellent online store!! People very friendly and helpful over the phone(customer service), Online ordering is easy, and the sweets & more are simply fabulous! Highly Recommended! A ! :)

B. L.
Beaverton, OR

I saw this store on $40 a day. Looked up Coos Bay online and ordered some of their wonderful candy!...They even sent me a sample pack of goodies! Very pleased and I will order again...I have my eye on a fruitcake that looks delightful!!

D. P.
Kodiak, AK

I have ordered from Cranberry Sweets for more than ten years because their product is unique, the service is tops, the price is good and because people like to receive the products as gifts. I particularly like the Pates de Fruits in bulk because of the good price. I always order some extra to have on hand for small gifts and for our own eating.

F. B.
Oakland, CA