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Happy Summer!  Any of our jelly candies without chocolate can be shipped safely all summer long, but if you're ordering taffy, chocolates or pie candies, warm weather shipping may be an issue.  Please see our shipping page (click "shipping" link below) for details.  Meanwhile...
If you are in Oregon's Bay Area, be sure to stop by our factory store, where you can watch candy being made most weekdays while also sampling your heart out. Or, if you are in Bandon, be sure to enjoy our "flagship" store where great service and more free samples won't leave you disappointed. (See the "Locations and Hours" below for more information.)

For both online and in-store customers, gift wrapping/packaging and gift messages are always free and your satisfaction is always our guarantee. (Please remember that if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, your personal “candy consultation” is always just a phone call away!)