Original Sea Salt Caramel Corn with Dried Cranberries 10oz.

When Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla exceeded $160 a gallon this year, we flinched a bit, but it didn't stop us. No other vanilla has the rich robust taste we need for our original caramels and caramel corn treats. Each batch of caramel starts in a 20 gallon kettle. We add sea salt and flavorings and when the caramel is ready, fresh popcorn is poured in and stirred until covered. Minutes later, it is packaged and sealed for your enjoyment. I hope you enjoy our caramel corn as much as I do. It is truly an unparalleled artisan confection.

Tart dried cranberries make a perfect counterpoint to the sweet and buttery lusciousness or our caramel corn. This one is a personal favorite, an employee favorite and is highly recommended for adults and kids alike.

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