Oregon Berries Popcorn 10oz.

Of all our gourmet popcorns, I'm perhaps most excited about the three that rely on real fruit juice - raspberry, Marion blackberry and blueberry. I'm not quite sure how our production manager figured out a recipe that wouldn't burn the juice, but she did. And, when I was taking pictures of our products, these were the ones I kept eating and eating. If you love berries - flavors Oregon does better than anyone - you will love these original products which are quite exclusive to Cranberry Sweets and More.

This blend, half Marion blackberry and half Oregon red raspberry, combines two of the Northwest's best flavors in one bag. We named it in honor of our most popular product - our "Oregon Berries" pates de fruits assortment. Good luck deciding which flavor is your favorite. If you're like me, you'll taste one, and then the other, until the bag is gone, reaching no real conclusion except you need more popcorn.

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