Powderz Raspberry Tea Cookies 6oz.

In the several months (and pounds) required to perfect these cookies, we found guidance in a recipe we stumbled upon for "Buckingham Palace Shortbread" which is reportedly enjoyed by the Queen with her tea. We had to make a few modifications to get a dough that would survive the rigors of our old fashioned, hand-cranked cookie press, but the result is the most buttery and delicate cookie possible.

For the coating, we wanted something very flavorful and unexpected to meet the "intense flavor" standards of our products. The first successful recipe became our now best-selling "Powderz" Lemon Tea Cookies which were soon followed by Raspberry, Orange and Key Lime flavors.  Messy like a good powdered sugar donut, the taste is, at first, shockingly tart, but then quickly succumbs to the buttery melt in your mouth cookie at its heart.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed figuring out how to make them. 

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